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Sunrise Oil

Sunrise Oil

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Formulated with acneic and sensitive skin in mind, this daily face oil can be used in place of a cream or lotion. Thin and fast-absorbing, oily skin types do not have to be afraid of this balancing, highly nutritious, and antioxidant-rich “dry” oil.

Sustainably wildcrafted fresh St. Joan’s Wort oil is a true herbalist’s treat for all skin types due to its high hypericin content that heals and protects skin against harsh environmental elements when used topically. Hemp seed oil has an exquisite range of essential fatty acids and is considered the holy grail of oils for acne prone skin due to its omega 6, 3, and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).

Use 5-10 drops on damp skin after cleansing and toning. Use a light touch and circular motions to apply on the face until the oil is absorbed. Play with the amount of oil you use to find the perfect balance for your skin. Sunrise face oil is not greasy and will typically soak in immediately. If it does not, decrease the amount of oil you dispense or tissue excess off.

2 fl oz

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