About Marigold

The first nonalcoholic bottle shop in Minnesota

Marigold offers nonalcoholic spirits, wine and beer, and is tapping into a thriving sober and “sober curious” movement that puts community and connection at the heart of its mission.

Erin Flavin is the hair stylist and salon owner at the helm. The shop is the first of its kind in the Twin Cities, and is part of a rising movement of nonalcoholic bars and bottle shops that have recently opened across the country.

Erin Flavin has owned Honeycomb Salon, a hip and lively hair salon in South Minneapolis, for twelve years. As a stylist, she is privy to her customers’ intimate concerns. As the pandemic raged, Flavin noticed more and more of her clients detailing their troubled relationships with alcohol. Flavin noticed that her own drinking had turned from a social and pleasurable experience into something darker. In October 2020, she made steps to cut alcohol from her life. But this decision brought its own difficulties: what to drink now? And how should a sober person celebrate and socialize with friends?

It was from this place of questioning that Marigold was born. Flavin bought the building her salon is housed in and began remodeling the space next door into what is now Marigold. The idea for the shop name comes from the Marigold Ballroom, an old Minneapolis dancehall Flavin’s parents frequented in their youth. 

The shop sells a variety of nonalcoholic beverages, both local and international. The goal is to provide a range of products to people in various states of sobriety, from drinkers who are taking a night off to individuals dipping their toes into sobriety to those dedicated to an alcohol-free lifestyle. Marigold is currently a retail bottle shop, but in coming months Flavin has plans to serve drinks in the shop, as well as host events and meet-ups. “I’m looking forward to creating a social space for people exploring happier hours away from alcohol,” Flavin says.



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