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Proxies - Cluster

Proxies - Cluster

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In their sixth collaboration, Proxies teamed up with winemakers Kate Norris and Thomas Monroe of Division Winemaking Company in Portland, Oregon to make Cluster. Like Division's wines, Cluster-- a wine maker's term for both bunches of grapes and collections of flavor notes-- is an assemblage of flavor and texture that's more than the sumer of its parts. Bright and bubbly, rich and tart, itter, spicy and savory-- the best of the bunch. 

Proxies and Division Winemaking Company share a pioneering spirit, bucking trends and breaking rules in favor of flavor. When they came together to work on a blend, the ideas flowed like glou glou—a Chenin-esque white, Oregonian icons Pinot and Chard, and a unique Perry the Division team crafted but once—from wine grapes and pears when Mother Nature delivered two harvests simultaneously—that was neither wine nor cider. Cluster, too, defies definition, but does not disappoint.

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