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Pleasure Balm

Pleasure Balm

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Natural Plant Based Lube

Pleasure Balm is a luxuriously long-lasting, velvety, totally edible, all-natural lubricant. Handcrafted in small batches with the finest organic ingredients for a gender-fluid, warming lube that takes your sensual experiences to another level.

Let pleasure bloom

Pleasure Balm supports those of you who seek to support connection to yourself and your partner(s). Love Lube is easy to use and provides a soothing, warming sensation, which supports and stimulates blood flow.

Dip your fingers into the balm and with the natural warmth of your hands it turns into an oil. We handcraft with all-natural organic ingredients. Calendula, Marshmallow Root, Vanilla, Rose Geranium, and Cinnamon help create the full body experience that enhances euphoria, offering a full-body experience.

Benefits of

  • All-Natural Ingredients

  • Silicone Safe

  • Non-Latex Based Lubricant

  • We never use synthetic ingredients like Parabens or Propylene Glycol (AKA the stuff in anti-freeze). Only the best for your sensitive spaces.

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