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No & Low NA Rosé

No & Low NA Rosé

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This non-alcoholic Rosé underwent hundreds of steps of fine-tuning, tweaking, and tinkering with, in a painstaking chase of perfection. Finally, it's here! Meet the 2022 Chilean Rosé, a category-defining non-alcoholic wine.

Carignan grapes picked from the verdant vineyards of the Curicó subregion in Chile’s Central Valley combined with a state-of-the-art dealcoholization process make this non-alcoholic Rosé more than a familiar experience — consider it an elevated one. Each sip is a luxurious, guilt-free experience that lets you crave without consequence. Inspired by the blossoms in spring, poolside brunches in stark summer, fluorescent orange coloring fall, and the blanket of coziness that follows winter, our Rosé is an all-year-rounder. Playful, exquisite, effortless.

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