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Lions Heart

Lions Heart

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Lions Heart | Grounding + Anxiety Ally Remedy Elixir for Everyday Ease and Nervous System Nourishment

Lion Heart is a blend that magically keeps you grounded amidst the stress and grief of the world. Support your natural ability to adapt to daily stress and combat anxiety and anger. Lions Heart is our top-selling elixir because it works— within minutes, you’ll feel more at ease and be able to calm down. If you’re someone who feels burnt out or has excessive stress and anxiety, this elixir is for you. We suggest taking it when you’re hyper-focusing on the negative or experiencing burnout. Lions Heart is a first responder that directly nourishes the nervous system, providing natural anxiety relief, easing burnout symptoms, and healing from mental exhaustion.

Meditation Elixir for Peace of Mind

Lions Heart is a great elixir for anyone struggling to stay physically grounded and present. It can help you in the moment for both chronic and acute issues. The combination of Ashwagandha root, tulsi, motherwort, and nettle quiets the mind and calms anxiety and brings you back to the present moment. It can be taken many times throughout the day to help ground your thoughts and feelings for an even-keel remedy.
The key ingredient, motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca), translates to “heart of the lion,” reminding us of symbolic courage and the lioness and her cubs. The early Greeks gave Motherwort to women and mothers suffering from anxiety, especially surrounding the heart. Motherwort calms heart palpitations caused by anxiety and nervous tension.


  • Natural anxiety relief

  • Calms intrusive thoughts and shaky energy

  • Heart-soothing and grounding

  • Brings ease to a stressed-out mind

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