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Dream Cloud

Dream Cloud

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Dream Cloud | Sleep Remedy + Dream Activation Elixir

Full-Spectrum Rejuvenating Sleep

Our beloved sleep elixir is a sleep-improving powerhouse that will help put you into a peaceful slumber. Dream Cloud enables you to fall asleep faster, activates the pineal gland, and makes space for deep dreaming. A few drops of this sleep remedy will calm mental chatter and help pave the way to higher-quality sleep. The elixir gifts the body with full-spectrum support, where deep relaxation spreads throughout the body.

A guide for lucid dreaming.

Dream Cloud leads the mind and body into a deep rejuvenating state of consciousness. Mugwort activates the subconscious mind and noticeably relaxes muscles. Other ingredients like kava and valerian relax muscles, increase gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain, and help you drift off to sleep faster. Unlike other sleep remedies, Dream Cloud allows you to access deep sleep without waking up feeling groggy in the morning. Its truely a rejuvinative sleep.


  • Natural Sleep Aid

  • Fall Asleep Faster

  • Stay Asleep

  • Wake Up Feeling Rejuvenated

  • Activates Deep Dreaming

  • Access to Intentional Lucid Dreams

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