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Benevolent Brownie Mix

Benevolent Brownie Mix

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Benevolent Bakery taps into the old school nostalgia of baking weed brownies with your friends! They have formulated proprietary baking mixes that allow for a convenient, consistent, and delicious baked good every time!

A small batch mixing process and intentional ingredient sourcing allow them to create a consistent and reliable infused product every time, no matter the consumers baking experience.

With a portion of all sales going to a non-profit local to Benevolent Bakery, they believe they can generate positive change for those around them. Thier giving efforts have several focus areas, with the largest efforts going towards eradicating homelessness. We know two things about the cannabis community for certain. 1.) We love our weed brownies & 2.) We are the most caring & benevolent industry in the country! 

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