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Allergy Spell

Allergy Spell

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Allergy Spell | Respiratory Relief + Seasonal Allergy Elixer

Natural Allergy Support System

Allergy Spell is a natural, non-drowsy blend of herbs- each carefully chosen to provide you with immune strengthening, gut-health-optimizing seasonal allergy support.

Instant Decongestion & Sinus Relief

We suggest taking when you need relief and as a preventative. Allergy Spell combines Ginger and Spilanthes to decongest and have and support the gut microbiome, which plays a role in allergy symptoms. Goldenrod and Nettle for their natural antihistamine properties and assist the immune system response. Mullein for its respiratory support. Propolis gives the remedy an antiviral oomph. Rosehip and Mandarin brighten the flavor and offer your immune system extra support with their vitamin C properties.


  • Alleviates itchy, watery eyes

  • Lessons symptoms caused by seasonal allergies

  • Reduces sinus and respiratory inflammation

  • Instant decongestion

  • Can prevent respiratory infection

  • Gut microbiome support

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