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Unified Ferments

Unified Ferments

Unified Ferments

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Qi Dan

Descended from one of the oldest cultivars in China’s Wuyi Mountain region, Qi Dan, aptly named “mystery red”, embodies the volcanic mineral redolence, piquancy, and curiously long finish this region’s teas are prized for.
Our ferment expresses the uniquely tangy spice of the region and developes notes of plum, resinous hardwoods and a cremant-like savoriness during fermentation.
Qi Dan pairs excellently with thoroughly aged cheese, roasted game meats, glaucous salad, or anything dense, deep and layered.
Enjoy at a chilled red wine temperature and allow the bottle to breath/warm for full expression. 


 Snow Chrysanthemum 

Snow Chrysanthemum is a hardy, nutritionally dense varietal of Chrysanthemum which spends nearly half of its life buried under snow in China’s Kunlun Mountain area. This adaptation causes its flavor to depart substantially from the powdery delicacy of regular Chrysanthemum, and instead presents a luxuriously warm, bright and verdantly soupy tea.
Our honey-driven ferment expresses the densely floral character of this tea and develops notes of starfruit, shaved asparagus and bee pollen which gives it the body and acidity of a juicy orange wine.
Snow Chrysanthemum pairs excellently with dim sum, tiger salad, carnitas,or anything that wants a bit of acid to complement it's heaviness.
Enjoy chilled at your favorite white-wine temperature and use a nearby sunbeam to admire Snow’s fluorescent color in the glass.


Wen Shan Bao Zhong

Wen Shan Bao Zhong is a lightly oxidized, bright oolong produced in northern Taiwan. Our producer, a fourth generation tea-producing family from the Nantou region, uses their considerable experience to emphasize the powdery floral notes, deep oat sweetness, and subtle salinity that are the tea’s trademarks.
Our ferment concentrates this unique medley and produces notes of orchid, honeysuckle and fresh marzipan, resulting in a approachable, if unclassifiable, delight.
Wen Shan Bao Zhong pairs excellently with fresh oysters, sheep’s milk cheese, watercress sandwiches, or anything enjoyed for its fresh quality and brightness.
Serve at your favorite white wine temperature and don’t be surprised if the bottle empties faster than you’d imagine.

Our Jasmine Green tea has been scented in the traditional style with eight different lots of fresh, whole jasmine flowers before we even begin our process. This resulting jasmine-laden tea allows us to not only ferment the tea but also the flowers that flavor it.
Our ferment produces an enveloping medley of eucalyptus, tuberose, and green peach which undertones the elegant expression of jasmine flowers.
Jasmine Green pairs nicely with saltwater fish, rich clear broths like pho or consomme, or anything deep and mild which could benefit from a highly aromatic pairing.
Enjoy chilled at your favorite sparkling wine temperature, and note the evolving aromatics as it warms in the glass.

*NOTE - this product is now made with sugar, not honey (new pic pending :P )

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