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Jérôme Forget Pomme Pétillant Sparkling Apple Juice

Jérôme Forget Pomme Pétillant Sparkling Apple Juice

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Jérôme Forget’s Poire cidres come from traditional pear orchards that are quite unique in Europe.

 At Ferme de L’Yonnière, Jérôme harvests 15 hectares of high-tree orchards in which all fruit is hand-picked.

His pear and apple trees are indigneous varities that are surrounded by pastures and Normandy cows. Most of his trees are 200 years old and older and all fruit is hand picked from the ground, ensuring that only ripe fruit is collected.

Only local varieties of pear and apples are used, and he does not use any chemicals in his pasture or in his cidery.


Zero Alcohol, no added sugar.

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