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Athletic Brewing

Athletic non-alchoholic beer

Athletic non-alchoholic beer

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Using an innovative, proprietary method of brewing beer without alcohol, Athletic is a lineup of non-alcoholic craft beers that don’t compromise on taste. 

Superfood Swell- Brewed in collaboration with surf legend Laird Hamilton’s very own Laird Superfood®, Superfood Swell is a refreshing tropical IPA. Big waves of mango collide with swells of pineapple and hints of coconut water to deliver a taste-bending brew that transports you to Hawaii’s shores.

Athletic Lite-Athletic Lite is a light brew, completely reimagined. It’s classically simple but expertly crafted with 25 calories, 5 carbs, and organic grains. We brewed it specifically for the sport of life and all the good times that come with it.

Upside Dawn-Classic craft Golden Ale Style. Refreshing, clean, balanced, light-bodied. Aromas subtle with floral and earthy notes. Brewed with premium Vienna Malt along with combo of English and traditional American hops. Crafted to remove gluten*.

*Upside Dawn is crafted to remove gluten. This product is fermented from grains containing gluten. The gluten content of this product cannot be verified, and this product may contain gluten.

Free Wave-Our Free Wave Hazy IPA is meant for the open road. Whether you’re cruising the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible or tracing your way up the coast on your bike, our Free Wave doesn’t cut corners. This mouth watering IPA is loaded with Amarillo, Citra, and Mosaic hops. You’ll want to grab a few for the road!

Run Wild-Run Wild is the ultimate sessionable IPA for craft beer lovers. Brewed with a blend of five Northwest hops, it has an approachable bitterness to balance the specialty malt body. Always refreshing and only 65 calories.

Downwinder Gose-Downwinder Gose is an exhilarating sour-style brew. It has a sharp, tart body and subtle saltiness along with a mild spice and natural effervescence. Coriander and lime leaf combine to create a balanced profile that’s daring and unique. Like a cold spritz on a hot day, it simply doesn’t get any more satisfying than this.

All Out-All Out is our bold and daring stout-inspired brew. It’s light but rich, smooth yet complex, and has a brazen flavor that never quits. It leads with notes of roasted nuts and dark coffee, and finishes with a hint of semi-sweet chocolate. Velvety, nuanced, and meticulously crafted, it’s an adventure all its own just waiting to be enjoyed.

Dark & Gourdy- Dark and Gourdy is a festive fall brew crafted in a traditional porter style. It features classic autumn spices like cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, and has a subtle sweetness thanks to 250 lbs of pumpkin we add to the brew. Grab a flannel, light a fire, and sip on some as the seasons change.

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